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February 2023

Updates in the Management of Breast Cancer
Edited by Anna S. Seydel, Lee G. Wilke

This review is meant to be a resource for surgeons treating breast cancer patients today, recognizing clinical trials and innovation will change this landscape even further next year. Breast surgeons are expected to master current surgical techniques while also being mindful of the impact our treatments have on the quality of life of our patients. As such, this issue of Surgical Clinics incorporates articles on survivorship medicine, a burgeoning area of practice in the management of breast cancer.

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Surgical Clinics of North America has kept surgeons informed on the latest techniques from leading surgical centers worldwide. Each bimonthly issue (February, April, June, August, October, and December) is devoted to a single topic relevant to the busy surgeon, with articles written by experts in the field. Case studies and complete references are also included to give you the most thorough data you need to stay on top of your practice. Topics include general surgery, alimentary surgery, abdominal surgery, critical care surgery, trauma surgery, endocrine surgery, breast cancer surgery, transplantation, pediatric surgery, and vascular surgery.


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This edition of the Surgical Clinics Podcast features discussion of the June 2022 issue on "Cardiothoracic Surgery". Guest Editor Dr. Daniel G. Cuadrado breaks down the article topics with Consulting Editor Ron Martin.
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