Preface| Volume 82, ISSUE 6, Pxi, December 2002

Anorectal Surgery

      Anal surgery is often considered to be somewhat routine and mundane. However, with recent changes in our understanding of the physiology and anatomy of continence, anal surgery has become increasingly complex. As a result, the traditional patterns of care and management of anorectal problems has evolved greatly in the last decade. These evolving patterns of care greatly enhance the significance of the relatively low volume of anorectal surgery performed by most general surgical residents.
      This volume of Surgical Clinics of North America attempts to put into perspective our newer understandings of the anatomy and physiology of the mechanisms of continence. In addition, it seeks to highlight how these changes impact on our day-to-day evaluation and management of multiple anorectal problems. The authors have all been chosen because of their recognized expertise in this area. We hope that this will enhance your understanding and management of these very common problems.


      Robert W. Beart, Jr, MD Guest Editor