Preface| Volume 102, ISSUE 2, Pxi-xii, April 2022

Head and Neck Surgery

      We are excited to bring you this issue of Surgical Clinics focusing on head and neck surgery. As any surgeon knows, the head and neck region is filled with fascinating, complex anatomy. During cadaveric dissection, medical students marvel at the shear amount of critical structures contained in this relatively small area of the body, and nearly every surgical procedure in the head and neck involves dissection around one of these critical structures. Both General Surgeons and Otolaryngologists spend time working in the head and neck as they address benign and malignant neoplasms, endocrine problems, traumatic injuries, and speech/swallowing disorders. Both General Surgeons and Otolaryngologists will see patients in clinic with head and neck complaints.
      This issue of Surgical Clinics contains articles discussing head and neck cancer management as well as workup and treatment of head and neck functional problems (dysphagia and salivary gland dysfunction). There are also articles focusing on appropriate management of thyroid and parathyroid disease. The upper airway is the most critical structure contained within the neck and receives special attention in this issue.
      As an added bonus, we are also happy to present an article pertaining to physician reputation in the era of frequent on-line reviews and social media posts. This topic is only increasing in relevance, and nearly every practitioner is affected by it. While we often cannot control what someone “posts” about our care, it is critical to be aware of the tools available to us to protect our practice and reputation.
      Most of us in the field of Otolaryngology selected the specialty because we were enthralled with the anatomic detail in the head and neck. We know many General Surgeons feel the same way. We hope this issue will prove useful to physicians in training as well as physicians in practice, as they approach head and neck diseases.