Other| Volume 102, ISSUE 6, Pxi, December 2022

Forthcoming Issues

        Forthcoming Issues

        FEBRUARY 2023

        Updates in the Management of Breast Cancer
        Anna S. Seydel and Lee G. Wilke, Editors

        APRIL 2023

        Surgical Decision Making, Evidence, and Artificial Intelligence
        Jason Bingham, Matt Eckert, and Carly Eckert, Editors

        JUNE 2023

        Burn Management
        Leopoldo Cancio, Editor

        Recent Issues

        OCTOBER 2022

        Pediatric Surgery
        John Horton, Editor

        AUGUST 2022

        A Surgeon's Guide to Sarcomas and Other Soft Tissue Tumors
        John M. Kane III, Editor

        JUNE 2022

        Cardiothoracic Surgery
        Daniel G. Cuadrado, Editor